One day I recieved a letter in the mail, it was a letter from a good friend to which she attached a Twinflame Oracle Card.

Improving my life with angelic power

Few weeks beforehand, I was very depressed because I had difficulties finding job and consequently paying my debt.

I mentioned this while talking with my friend Nora. She told me that I should consider using angelic guidance to find a job.

I was very curious to know how to do that. Her advice was to use Twinflame oracle cards combined with a guardian angel amulet.

An angelic recipe for success

Nora sent me the Twinflame Oracle Card, and I purchased a guardian angel amulet. I followed her instructions and put them both under my pillow at night.

A word about racism

A small detail I would like to share is that I’m an Afro-American and I strongly believe this fact has to do with difficulties finding a job. I just didn’t get hired because of my skin color.

What is this racism? Dislike someone because of the color of someone’s skin? I cannot dream of anything more beautiful than the color of our skin.

people look up for angels

There are people out there that could kill you and/or hate you because of skin color. I am not by any means attracted to anyone just because of their race but I don’t hate either.

I cannot dream of anything more beautiful than the color of our skin.

Finding a job, finally

A week after putting the oracle card with the angelic amulet under my pillow at night, I was invited for job interview.

I was very nervous but at the same time I felt protected and being watched over. Nora was not wrong, this combination of oracle card and angelic amulet did work.

I had two interviewers, one of them was also Afro-american. The interview was not easy, they asked a lot of questions but I triumphed them all with my guardian angel’s support. I brought the guardian angel amulet with me and hold it in my hands from time to time during the interview.

A day later I got the call – they want me and I got the job!

I triumphed them all with my guardian angel’s support.

Bitter sweet happy end

I did get the job, thanks to angelic power. Though I found it sad that I need to use angelic power to get a job. America is a scary place these days. The rise of hate and fear and racism is definitely not okay.

These are dangerous times with evil like this lurking (often disguised). Who is different anyway?

Hopefully my words can make a little change and influence readers to be more open minded and not judging people because of their skin color.

Your loving friend, Dan

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