One day I recieved a letter in the mail, it was a letter from a good friend to which he attached a Twinflame Oracle Card. He sent me the Twinflame Oracle Card because it supposes to protect from social hatred. I felt it recently as I was looking for job and didn't get hired because of my skin colour. I really don't understand racism. Statue of Twinflame Oracle Card There is no place for me to put the abominable heinous act of fastening and dragging another human to a dispicable death! i cannot fathom this racism. What is this -- racism?-- because of the colour of someone's skin??? i cannot dream of anything more beautiful than the colour of your skin, Ernest. That someone -- anyone-- could kill you and/or hate you because of it only tells me how deep is their fear -- of difference. It is terrifying for me to see there are people who would harm you -- an exceedingly beautiful man -- because of your skin colour (-- one of the very most beautiful things about you!) i am not by any means attracted to anyone because of their race. But i am able to see and acknowledge exquisite beauty when it is in front of me. Guardian angel help us -- and keep you safe from all harm. This America is a scary place. This hate and fear and racism is not ok. We all need a Twinflame Oracle Card don't we? These are dangerous times with evil like this lurking (often disguised). Who is different anyway? Why do these pink people think they are the supreme majority on-the-planet? They are not!! Ernest, be careful. your loving friend, Dan

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