This angel loving community is great. I would like to share my small and magical story about the Grape Elf Angel Card.

It goes like this: on the South West corner of our patio we had trellis’, one on each side; one on the South side and one on the West side. Each trellis was about three feet wide and about one foot from the corner of the patio roof. The South trellis had a Concord Grape growing up it. The West trellis had a Clematis growing up it.

The Grape seemed to think that it owned everything within it’s grasp, and proceeded to take over the Clematis’ trellis; it was so close, after all.

grape elf angel card

I forgot to mention that from time to time I’m going to see angel practitioner near where I’m staying (I know her since I was in high school, even in class she had remarkable knowledge about things a normal teenage doesn’t have a clue about). Anyway, she read my angel cards (she also does Tarrot but I prefer angel cards). And guess what card did I get? The Grape Elf Angel Card ! That must had something to do with my garden, I thought out loud.

Everyday for three days in a row I went out there and very carefully unwound the Grape’s tendrils from the Clematis and trellis. Every day I talked to the Grape and explained to it that the Clematis needed it’s own trellis. Finally, on the fourth day as I carefully unwound the Grape’s tendrils from the Clematis, I said,

please, Guardian Elf, please take care of your plant.”

“I want to speak to this Grapes Elf, or whoever acts as Guardian for this plant. … Thank you for coming. I have been very patient with this Grape, careful not to hurt it, or break it. I have explained where it can and cannot grow and why. Now, if it insists on growing on the Clematis’ trellis I will be forced to clip it back. So, please, Guardian Elf, please take care of your plant.”

The next day (to my utter astonishment) I found that the delinquent Grape tendril had turned and was growing in the opposite direction! The rest of the summer, Grape grew where ever it pleased, *except* within two feet of Clematis!

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