Dear Friends, I have been enjoying hearing others sharing their angel stories. I am thrilled that I’m not alone in this vision, there are many people who KNOWS Angelic Realm exists, and that the angels do visit with others in very similar ways to how I am experiencing them.

Yesterday was one of those days. I am looking after my neighbors 4 month old baby – I love little babies and cannot pass by the opportunity to have such a large role in their new lives.

Mathew was in the jolly jumper – which is suspended from a large archway in my office. He was laughing and having a wonderful time, and was completely distracting me from what I was doing with his good natured squawking and beautiful bright blue eyes.

angelic realm is child's eyes

So, I sat on the floor in front of him, to join in on the fun. I noticed that his shoes were untied, and his socks needed arranging better, and I placed his little feet in my lap. He started chuckling again, and I looked into his eyes, to see where he was looking.

He was looking at me, all around my head, and in his eyes, I was able to see around my reflection three angels with wings, the details were very clear and inspiring. It was fascinating to look into his eyes and see the angelic realm so clearly, as the baby was looking at them himself.

I was able to see around my reflection three angels with wings, the details were very clear and inspiring

My guess is that the innocence of the baby allows him to see sights and spiritual dimensions that us adults, can’t see.

Babies are such a joy – even with how much time they require, they are worth every little bit of it – for these occassional glimpses into the eyes of babes.

In light and love,

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