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For that, it is with great sadness that I look at the year 2020 and see a terrible year. The COVID-19 virus has caused countless deaths, financial disasters are everywhere, and innocent families have been left broken. Heatwaves, Murder Hornets, desperate citizens protesting, and the list is still growing.

Could all that have been foreseen? Angel numbers for 2020 suggest that YES, it could have been.
The number 2020 is basically two times the number 20. In the ancient books, the number 20 represents power.

As Lord Acton once said, โ€œPower tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.โ€
2020 has an enormous amount of power and energy that opened gates that should have been kept closed. Forces of evil are using this energy to spread mischievous acts and sadness.

In 2021, we should expect less of these negative events, but the consequences of the events happening in 2020 will still be present. People will have to find the inner strength and spiritual energy to overcome the challenges we see in the present and will keep seeing in the near future.

angel number 2020

One of my favorite angels to communicate with during this hard time is the archangel Amitiel, the angel of truth and understanding.

The archangel Amitiel is a delicate, sensitive, and motherly female angel that can guide us through dark times and difficult challenges.

As an angel practitioner, I always try to help others to communicate and interact with angels. One particular method that I have found very effective is holding an angelic charm while communicating with your angel. 

I would like to offer you the charm of the archangel Amitiel for free, so it can help you overcome present and future challenges. All you have to do is order the charm of the archangel Amitiel for FREE it using this link and I’ll send it to you right away!

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