Hello dear visitors.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Aurora Vernon and I’m an angel practitioner. My speciality is helping business owners to connect with their guardian angels to make better decisions.

I currently don’t take new clients since I’m very busy at the moment, communicating with angel requires much energy and I already suffered from a burnout quite recently.

Instead I decided to create this website where I will share some stories and methods to communicate with your angels. I believe, or better yet, I know that karma and pure energy exist, and if I can help a lost soul (like my old self) to find his guardian angel, then I will feel I’m making this world a better place.

I would like to share my personal story. I’m not going to write here everything, just the main events that brought me to where I am.

I’m an orpheline and didn’t know who my parents were. I was left near the town hall, in the small town in Pennsylvania when I was little and quickly brought to adoption. I was raised in a several foster homes, where, unfortunately I suffered a lot.

I was sexually abused as a child which made me an angry person, addicted to almost everything and basically I took the highway to hell.

It all changed one day when I was overdosed. I had a mystical experience where I met my guardian angel, Archangel Aurora.  

She told me my mother was a good person who got pregnant too young, and that I shouldn’t blame her about what happened to me.

She told me I have very strong spiritual energy inside of me and it’s my choice what to do with it. I can continue destroying myself and my environment, or use this power to make the world a better place by guiding people and showing them how to communicate with their guardian angels.

Since that moment, I did a long path. I helped many people, people who became very successful (you would be surprised how successful they have become since they were able to understand their guardian angel) and most important – HAPPY. I still work with many of them, helping them to communicate with their angels.

So that’s my story, the very brief version 🙂

I would really appreciate if you can share your angelic experience, if you had one. So people will know angels exist and are here to help us.


Aurora Vernon

Aurora Vernon


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