Angel Numbers

Angel number 17 meaning

If you are seeing repetitive sequences of the angel number 17, it means that the angel Dumah is around. Dumah (in biblical Hebrew, "Silence") is the angel of sad events, silence and the stillness of death. The Kabbalah describes him as the angel who deals with sinners at the entry Read more…

By Basile Deflora, ago
Angel Numbers

Angel number 1212

The repetitive appearance of angel number 1212 can be a sign saying "Attention: A cloudy situation is coming your way".You might feel tired and suffer from symptoms such as weakness and a lack of energy. The angel number 1212 asks you to treat yourself with care, to get rest and Read more…

By Basile Deflora, ago
Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers 444

What do the Angel Numbers 444 Mean? If you believe that the angel numbers 444 are appearing to you, then read on. As you may know, angel numbers are coded messages sent to human by angels. They do this to communicate with us in ways that are simple, without necessarily Read more…

By Leyla Ethan, ago
Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers 333 Meaning

A common message sent to humans by angels is the angel numbers 333 sequence. According to the great mathematician Pythagoras, “The placement of numbers in a sequence holds special meaning.” This is never more true that it is of angel numbers. Angels know that the most spiritual of humans, some Read more…

By Leon Bourdelle, ago
Angel Numbers

What Does 999 Mean?

For those of you who are questioning what does 999 mean, you are likely referring to angel numbers 999, which is one of many coded number patterns that angels use to communicate with us. If this applies to you, read on. Angels have indeed sending us messages using this methods Read more…

By Nelly Orella, ago

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