Hello, I would like to share my story about the Angel of Truth. It all started when I was born with a birth defect on February 21, 1962. I wore "Forest Gump" style leg braces until I was 7 yrs old.

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At that time the doctors said I would probably never walk right, etc... or be able to have children (because of radiation I received weekly from x-rays). I didn't believe them because an angel came to me in my dream and told me otherwise, my Angel of Truth. At 7, I didn't have to wear the braces anymore. Also, I loved to dance later on, ran track in high school, and have 2 healthy boys ages 7 & 13.

Angel of Truth

The first time I ever felt that maybe an angel had intervened on my behalf was when I was around the age of 14 to 16. Two things occurred at that time.

I didn't believe them because an angel came to me in my dream and told me otherwise, my Angel of Truth.

One was that I had believed my father to be dead all my life. I had experienced emotional, sexual, & physical abuse from a stepfather and was freed from all that around that time. My Angel of Truth came to me in my dream and told me that my father DID LIVE !

I wanted to know my father and/or more about him. I found an address and wrote to it and they found him. Sadly, he passed before we could meet, but I am grateful for the letters and phone calls that allowed me to get to know him.

The second experience occurred around the age of 15 or 16. I was in a car with 2 friends. We had the radio on and a voice came over the station saying "slow down", then "you're driving too fast". We all heard it, and slowed down, but the kicker was then a white, formless apparition flew in front of us. We didn't slow down this time -- we stopped. We stopped and put up the roof on the cougar convertible.

A few minutes later we rounded a curve slowly to find a 3 car pileup. A big crash we'd have been a part of if angels & miracles weren't "for real."

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