Have you ever felt like everything is changing and that you are suddenly faced with millions of important decisions that you must make? Did you feel like you were suddenly dropped in the middle of a forking path with no clear direction about how to move forward? Are you feeling lost, confused, and defeated, not knowing what path to take and what road to avoid?

It is never your fault, and that is what the number 606 is trying to tell you.

You are currently at the crossroads of your life, much like how the number 6 is settled halfway between the beginning and the end. Your journey has long begun, and you are now treading towards the very crossroads that everyone is bound to take. Choices will swarm around you like moths to a raging flame, desperate to grab ahold of the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel.  A huge choice is about to come, and everything from that point on will be the reflection of how you choose and how you will decide at that very moment. Your very future is in your hands, and it is now all up to you to keep it warm and hold it tight.

angel number 606

It might seem terrifying at first, not knowing how things will go despite knowing that it is all up to you.

But there is no reason for you to be afraid.

You are never alone.

Much like how the number 0 is enclosed by two numbers despite how far apart they are from each other, you are never truly alone.

Much like how it is never a good idea to split up in horror movies, choosing a path means choosing to tread that road along with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Much like how the number 0 ends and begins at the same point to be forever connected in a perfect loop, there are connections out there that are worth holding on to.

Your bonds will be stronger than ever, and each step you make is another step that they are going to take. Now is the time for you to strengthen these relationships more than ever. The road up ahead is dark, and the path towards any of these options is always dim. With a hand to hold as you brave these vast unknowns, perhaps moving forward is not as hard, even if you would have to jump across a cavern’s rim.

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