How old were you when you got your first perfect 5 stars from school? Or when did you realize that being number one mattered most to some, if not most, people in the world? Have you ever shared the same passion of reaching for perfection, for being number one?

You see, this number showed itself for a reason. And perhaps, deep inside you know it all too well within you.

You understand that perfection is a must in many aspects, but you also see the imperfection that comes along with it. In a sense, this means that your world is full of perfect imperfects, and possibly the biggest one yet is about to enter your life.

You recognize the pitfalls and flaws in everyone, in everything, and everywhere! You know for a fact that the value of something lies not in how perfect it is, but in how various imperfections made it into what it currently is. Your life has been or is currently probably filled with unfortunate instances – maybe you broke a mug, or you often chip your plates, or maybe you even trip in the same spot over and over again despite knowing that there is a gap in there! You are fed up with these imperfections in your life, but you know, deep inside, that it will all get better.

And it will!

angel number 515

This is the sign that you have been looking for.

Much like how the number 5 is sometimes the standard of perfection while in other times it is simply halfway between decent and trash, you never truly know how life will end up treating you. Or much like how the number 1 is something that most people strive for but sometimes ends up as the bottom of the pit towards the top ranks, everything is not what it seems like at face value. Your life is unpredictable, yes, but along with that uncertainty, is the certainty that the sun will shine again sometime. The number 515 is telling you that life sucks. Life sucks, and perhaps that is what makes it as it is. Nevertheless, life has a weird way of saying “keep fighting,” so I guess we could do that for you instead.

Keep fighting.

Never give up.

Life may throw rocks at you, but it does not mean that you cannot play catch. It will be even more challenging soon, but you should see past what is in front of you. Look further, strive harder, live happier.

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