Angel Number 420 meaning: The number of solo flights. Company is something that all people crave – they try to search for it time and time again in their lives and some people might even say that living without it is comparable to suffering. Having someone right around you simply brings comfort to many, providing that feeling of having the strength to move forward because you have someone to lean on, someone who will support you, and someone who will stand by you until the end of time.

Knowing that people are watching your back gives you the confidence to strip that wall of pretention that you tirelessly keep up just to show that you have what it takes to be in your current position and your current level. However, with the right company, you learn how to be who you are and be who you are – removing all the pretentious fronts that you use to make things a little better when they are not.

angel number 420

Indeed, having friends and acquaintances is something that many people dream of having. But this might be exactly why your angels are trying to knock on your door at this very moment.

Have you ever felt like you are walking on crutches when your friends are not around? Do you feel like you suddenly lose the confidence that you once had the moment you come home alone?

If you feel like you are depending on your company too much, then this might be the reason why the angel number of solo flights chose you to relay the message of your angels. You need to see that you are special in your own right, that you are who you are, and that there is nothing wrong with being alone and being all by yourself. Flying solo might be daunting for many, seeing as how there will be no one there to support you when you need a shoulder to cry on.

However, you also need to learn how to stand on your own two feet, how to hold your head up high, and how to handle yourself with the dignity and confidence of a successful individual. You do not need other people’s approval and validation. You are capable. You are special. Do not let the illusion of company make you doubt your capabilities. It might be daunting to fly solo, but the only one who could flap your wings with the wind is you; no one else but you.

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