The meaning of Angel Number 1055: The number of paths not taken. Do you remember that burning feeling that you have felt right after you let go of your favorite toy, only to realize that you will never see it again the next day? Do you still feel guilty about choosing not to go, especially knowing now that if you would have then you might have been able to see that view one last time before it was lost forever?

Life is full of difficult choices, and the challenges that you are going to face every day certainly do not make things easier. The choice is ultimately up to you, but there is no real way to know whether you are doing the right thing or you are simply turning a blind eye on something just because the other one seems more viable at the moment.

Human beings are creatures of the moment after all – everyone lives for the sake of what is “right now” instead of agonizing about what is going to come tomorrow. The challenge of living linearly is that the choice to go back, among many other choices, are not ones that you could take. From the millions of this or that, taking a step back is never an option.

angel number 1055 meaning

There is a reason why those questions resonated with you, and perhaps this is also the reason why you are here, receiving the number of paths not taken. Something is bothering you, deep, aching, and pulsating along with every smile that it gets harder and harder to pretend. You feel like you have made the wrong move. You feel like you have disappointed those who are close to you. And perhaps you are right – right to feel these things, but wrong to beat yourself up about it.

Life is a swirling vortex of entropy – chaotic, messy, and full of unknowns. It might make sense logically to blame yourself for choosing one over the other, but the truth is, life is most often than not illogical. Your feelings are true, but your conclusion is not. Do not let the past haunt you in your dreams. The future is ever so bright, and the only way to grab it is to move forward. Never look back. The past may be a part of you but it does not mean that the pain should be too.

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