Angel Numbers

Angel number 17 meaning

If you are seeing repetitive sequences of the angel number 17, it means that the angel Dumah is around. Dumah (in biblical Hebrew, “Silence”) is the angel of sad events, silence and the stillness of death. The Kabbalah describes him as the angel who deals with sinners at the entry Read more…

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Angel Numbers

Angel number 1212

The repetitive appearance of angel number 1212 can be a sign saying “Attention: A cloudy situation is coming your way”.You might feel tired and suffer from symptoms such as weakness and a lack of energy. The angel number 1212 asks you to treat yourself with care, to get rest and Read more…

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Angelic Spirituality

The Vision

2 million years ago Homo habilis (handy man) started walking on two legs. Freeing his hands paved they way for toolmaking, man’s first evolutionary leap. 1 million years ago Homo erectus (upright man) started using fire and to use weapons to hunt and protect himself. Freeing himself from the danger Read more…

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Your daily angelic message is:


Angel numbers 555 mean changes are occurring and it is critical for you to remain centered, praying and reaffirming your dedication to god and your spiritual path.