Angels 101

Poem to Angel Nagual

Hello dear friends. My name is Sharon. I am very excited writing about Angel Nagual on this website that Aurora has provided for us. Don’t you agree this initiative is great!? The first time I encountered Angel Nagual was when I was around four years old. Nagual angel called my name three times Read more…

By Lawrence Flowers, ago
Angel Guidance

Poem: Angel Amitiel

Angel Amitiel is Becoming human just one more time, Helping mankind by use of the rhyme, Leading their way into the light, Shining and glowing angelically bright. Bible’s Angel Amitiel Learning the lessons along the road, Sometimes not even having a coat, Facing the days if in pain or in Read more…

By Lawrence Flowers, ago

Your daily angelic message is:


Angel numbers 666 have nothing to do with the devil, they just mean you are too focused on the material aspects of life. You should be concentrating on the facets of your life that are spiritual and actually mean something.